Brake Repair/Replacement in Philadelphia, PA

Brake Services

At Chi Auto Repair we offer top-notch brake repair and service on most vehicle makes and models by our team of experienced expert service technicians. We invite you to visit our auto repair shop for a complete brake inspection, to advise you in what condition your brake system on your vehicle is, and if any action is needed. Our team of expert technicians will inspect all major components of your vehicle’s brake system, including brake calipers, pads and shoes, hardware, and rotors, and they will advise you what type of services have to be performed. Additionally, we will always provide clients with a written estimate of all the repairs and services that need to be performed.

Brake Repairs

Your car’s brakes are a critical safety feature! If you feel like your brakes are not performing properly, we suggest to call or visit our auto repair shop. The most common symptoms of faulty brake system include a feeling that brake pull when you push the pedal, a pulsation or vibration when braking from the brake pedal, a squealing, grinding sound or wheels coated with brake dust. Our auto repair shop specializes in brake repair and service. We can diagnose and repair a wide variety of brake problems and get you back in the road in a timely manner.

The most common brake repairs/services are:

  • Replacing brake pads, resurface rotors
  • Replacing brake pads and rotors
  • Replace brake calipers and brake hoses
  • Replace rear brake shoes and brake drums
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • Brake line repair/replacement
  • ABS Repair

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