Honda/Acura Timing Belt Service in Philadelphia, PA

Honda, Acura recommend replacing the timing belt on your vehicle every 105k Miles or 72 months (7 years) The timing belt is a very critical part of your engine, and if it snaps you’ll very likely have engine damage which will be very costly! When our auto service experts at CAR (Chi Auto Repair) perform a timing belt service on your Honda Pilot, our Technicians will also replace the water pump, timing belt hydraulic tensioner, and inspect the timing belt idler pulley and timing belt tensioner pulley and advise you if replacement is needed. We will also replace your coolant and engine drive belt as well. Replacing a timing belt is not a simple task! And should only be performed by trained auto service professionals! Keep your Honda/Acura reliable on the road! A broken timing belt will not only cost you thousands to fix, it’ll also leave you and your family stranded on the side of the road and a hefty tow bill!

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