Serpentine Belt Replacement in Philadelphia, PA

The serpentine/drive belt drives accessory components in the engine compartment, like the power steering pump, water pump, cooling fan, AC compressor, and alternator. The serpentine/drive belt receives its name from the snake-like path it takes through the various steering and electrical components it powers. Some vehicles are equipped with an automatic belt tensioner, which wears out over time. Proper belt tension allows long belt life, quiet operation while ensuring that all components are not overloaded or strained during operation. Serpentine belts are tough and most newer vehicles the belts are made with EPDM which resist cracking and instead are measured when replacement is needed, belts are designed to sustain years of continued and heavy use. Most manufactures recommend belt replacement between 60k-100K miles. We always advise to inspect your drive belt regularly any damage like cracks or shredding, which sometimes could indicate there’s a problem in the drive belt system.

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