Spark Plug Replacement in Philadelphia, PA

A critical part of your vehicle’s ignition system are the spark plugs, even though small they play a critical part in the performance of your vehicle. Most modern vehicles do not need their spark plugs changed until 60000 and even 120000 miles due to long life spark plugs and new materials like platinum and iridium. Spark plugs wear with daily use and as time goes by, the electrodes wear down, and more voltage is required to bridge the gaps between the center and ground electrodes. When there’s a spark plug issue There are symptoms that let the driver know the spark plugs are starting to lose their effectiveness. Some of the symptoms might include hesitation, lack of power, poor gas mileage. Installing the correct spark plugs for your vehicle is extremely critical. Please allow our experts at Chi Auto Repair install the correct spark plugs for your vehicle and keep it running great!

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