Tire Pressure Monitoring System Service in Philadelphia, PA

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) which is mandatory on vehicles made 2008 and newer measures the amount of air pressure in tires and alerts a driver when the pressure is at an below threshold level. There mainly are two types of TPMS systems direct and indirect. A direct TPMS receives information from tire pressure sensors mounted inside each wheel and tire assembly on the vehicle, an indirect TPMS system uses speed sensor data from the wheels to determine tire pressure levels, this system is mostly also integrated with the ABS System. When a tire has an insufficient level of pressure, it becomes a safety hazard for various reasons. When the tire pressure is too low, tires heat up quickly and damage can occur! Heat can negatively affect the tread of a tire and ultimately lead to blowouts and accidents. We always recommend that drivers pay attention to the Tire Pressure Monitoring System and heed any warnings it produces.

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