When Should I Replace The Timing Belt on my Honda/Acura

If you drive a Honda/Acura vehicle it’s possible it’s equipped with a “Timing Belt” All V6 J Series Honda engines are equipped with a timing belt, and some older Honda 4 cylinders as well, we compiled a list below of vehicles that are equipped with a timing belt.

So you might ask “What exactly is a “Timing Belt”.

The Timing Belt on your vehicle keeps the crank and cams working in sync so the valves open and close at the proper times during intake and exhaust strokes. The belt also prevents the pistons from hitting the valves which is a critical feature since the Honda J series engine is an interference engine which means if the belt breaks the pistons will most likely hit the valves and cause massive damage to the engine cylinder head.

So when is the timing belt due for replacing on your Honda/Acura?

Honda and Acura Recommend replacing the timing belt every 105k miles or 7 years (72 months) in extreme climate locations like Alaska and certain parts in Canada it’s recommended at 60k miles or 4 years. Newer Honda/Acura models equipped with the maintenance minder system will also show “service code 4” when the timing belt is due for replacing.

When this service is performed by a qualified Technician we replace the following items. (V6 J Series)

  • Timing Belt
  • Timing Belt hydraulic Tensioner
  • Timing Belt Tensioner
  • Timing Belt Idler
  • Timing Belt Tensioner Bolt
  • Timing Belt Idler Bolt
  • Water pump assembly
  • Drive belt assembly
  • Coolant

Replacing the timing belt is an extensive and time consuming service and should only be performed by qualified Technicians!

So you might wondering “Does my car have a timing belt?”

Here’s a list of Honda/Acura Models that are equipped with a timing belt.


  • Accord V6 (96-16)
  • Accord 4 Cylinder (up to 02)
  • Civic (up to 05)
  • Crosstour
  • CRV (97-01)
  • Pilot (03-Current)
  • Prelude (all years)
  • Odyssey (97-Current)
  • Ridgeline (06-Current)


  • CL V6 (all years)
  • CL 4 Cylinder (all years)
  • Integra (all years)
  • MDX (all years)
  • TL (all years)
  • TSX V6 (09-14)
  • TLX V6 (14-Current)
  • RL (all years)
  • RLX (12-current)
  • ZDX (all years)

So you might say “my car is running great!” a timing belt that is on the verge of breaking will show no symptoms or driveability issues or warning lights. A timing belt failure will just happen at anytime and anywhere! Not only will it leave you stranded on the side of the road with you and your loved ones, There’s also that expensive tow bill if you do not have roadside assistance through AAA or your insurance company. There’s also a high chance engine damage might have occurred due to the failure which means extensive repairs will have to be performed to the engine before the vehicle is back on the road again! In the Video below you can see an animation of when a timing belt fails (yellow part)

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